Heirloom Hardwoods

October 12, 2016

At Vermont Tree Goods, we tell folks that we give new lives to heirloom hardwoods.  What are we talking about?

When you live, work, or play near a big old tree, it is not uncommon to grow attached to it.  Many houses in Vermont were sited near magnificent trees (rather than the other way around).  Unfortunately, sometimes trees die.  Trees can succumb to pest damage or disease.   They can also simply die of old age.  The average life span of a sugar maple, for example, is 300 years.


We call these ancient trees heirlooms.  Like old varieties of vegetables or unique antiques, heirloom trees are valuable and have grown in yards and on streets for many generations.

When trees that have stood sentinel to our communities for hundreds of years die, we are understandably devastated.  We certainly don’t want them left to rot or burned for firewood.  Vermont Tree Goods takes pride in helping to disassemble these trees and use their wonderfully charactered wood to craft stunning furniture that will last for generations.

Though we are saddened to hear about the loss of a community’s heirloom hardwood, we are heartened to know that families can gather around tables and find comfort on beds and benches highlighting the beauty found within these special trees.