What Makes Our Furniture Sustainable?

October 4, 2016

Not many sawmills or furniture companies are built on a foundation of environmentalism.  At Vermont Tree Goods, our sustainable environmentally conscious practices and products truly represent our love of trees and our planet.


Before VTG was founded, most of Vermont’s oldest trees were discarded when they died because they were too big and “misshapen.”  VTG owner John Monks engineered our unique saw and started milling lumber to take these magnificent beings out of the waste stream and give them a second life.

How does our work impact the environment?

– For every tree that we recycle, at least one healthy tree will not need to be taken from the forest and the important role it fills there.

– All of the trees we mill grew in Vermont.  Almost all of them lived within 30 miles of our sawmill in Bristol, VT.  Using locally sourced materials reduces our carbon footprint.

– Our unique milling technique allows us to cut the largest dead trees, sequestering their carbon in your furniture rather than allowing it to be released into the atmosphere as the wood decays or burns.

– Our sustainable furniture is built to last more than a lifetime with all natural materials.

These factors result in lumber and furniture with a smaller carbon footprint than that of others. With our focus on efficiency and sustainability, we are the epitome of a “green” business. To us this is being conscious in all that we do. For you it means loving your furniture and your planet – smart.