Tips to Maintain Wood Funiture

January 11, 2017

Vermont Tree Goods furniture is built to last and requires little maintenance. Periodically, due to an accident or everyday use, it needs to be cleaned. Follow the directions below to maintain wood furniture and keep it looking like new.

Everyday Care:

For regular cleaning, we recommend wiping your furniture with a soft slightly dampened cloth. This gently yet thoroughly removes dust without sending it flying into the air of your home.

Sticky Spots:

Dip a cloth in mild soap or detergent dissolved in water and squeeze out any excess moisture.  Next rub gently to remove sticky spots from your table tops. Finally, rub any wet areas dry with a clean soft cloth.

Periodic Maintenance:

Trewax helps maintain your Vermont Tree Goods wood furniture

Over time and with use, wood furniture begins to feel dry. Dry patches can also develop after intensive cleaning of grime or sticky spots.  This is a sign that it is time to apply furniture wax.

Furniture wax provides a durable finish and long-lasting protection. It makes your furniture shine and restores the wood’s rich natural colors and character.   Always use paste wax or liquid wax made specifically for furniture.

We recommend:

Howard’s Feed-n-Wax: This product is found at most hardware stores, is easy to use, and smells like citrus. Its natural oils penetrate dry areas.  Brazilian Carnauba wax and beeswax coat and protect the surface.

Trewax: This furniture wax is a bit more involved to apply, but it provides a longer lasting protection for the furniture.  Made of Brazilian Carnauba wax, it thoroughly coats the surface of your furniture, protecting it from every-day wear and tear.