Tree Hugging Ceremony Nov. 1st

November 1, 2016


This spring the largest Slippery Elm in the northeast, located in Charlotte, VT, died from Dutch Elm Disease.  Vermont Tree Goods will supervise the taking down of this historically significant tree on November 1st after a Tree Hugging Ceremony.  Its wood will be milled in our unique sawmill, kiln dried, and crafted into furniture starting next spring. Vermont Tree Goods will make a philanthropic gift to The Nature Conservancy based on how much product made from the Vermont Elm is sold.

Learn more:  The Vermont Elm

You’re Invited!: On November 1st* at 9am, Vermont Tree Goods and the Vermont Nature Conservancy will hold a Tree Hugging Ceremony to honor The Vermont Elm and provide local tree advocates the opportunity to share some brief thoughts.  Guests will have the opportunity to give the massive elm one last hug. Tree work will commence at 10am.  Attendees are welcome to stay and watch.  1277 Thompson’s Point Road in Charlotte, VT.